'Ideas *R Us ' a Think Tank founded by Avinash Singh, Nirmal George and Amitha Singh explores new ideas across categories and brings them to life. Each founder comes with over two decades of experience across design, sales and marketing. Ideas R Us is currently developing ideas around card and board games, backpacker tourism, creative books and food.
The idea behind the games being developed is to

- Bring games from the past which we grew up on back into the living room,
- Connect children with their parents/adults as they enjoy good times at home;
- Do this with contemporary changes and adapted to board and card formats, keeping in mind the changing times.
The first idea, a new card game, ODD 'R EVE, was launched in late 2016.

Our second game Chor Police, a board and card game for children and adults; has successfully been crowdfunded and is now available on Amazon.in!


Ideas are born every day. The ones that see the light of day are the ones that seem most obvious solutions once executed. Millions of ideas exist for mere minutes before they are buried away in the recesses of one's mind, either for the lack of resources to see them through, or the inability to take risks, or any number of such hindrances. Three people (both friends and related as well) sharing the same wavelength but with diverse yet complementary skills and experiences decided to take their ideas, validate them and put together resources as well as execution strength to see them through.

As they launched their first idea within months of putting together the Think Tank, today Ideas R Us has four games in its portfolio, one book in the publishing stage and a food business that is in the developmental stage.

Ideas R Us also nurtures and mentors people with the right ideas to help bring their ideas to life.

If you would like to interact with the founding members of Ideas R Us, write to george@ideasrus.in.


Amitha Singh is a writer, mentor, digital marketeer and entrepreneur with over 2 decades of professional experience. She is passionate about creative writing, sports, working with children, storytelling, reading and food.
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Avinash Singh is a designer by qualification as well as profession who spent over 19 years in the business of Internet Marketing. He has also been a visiting faculty member for 6 years at National Institute of Design, Bangalore teaching a module in Game Design.
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Nirmal George is a senior marketing & operations professional and an entrepreneur with over 2 decades of professional experience. He currently leads the sales and operations function at Spell Foods & Leisure Entertainment which markets brands such as Bagels & Bakes.
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Oddreve is a unique card game, based on a popular children’s game, Hand Cricket
which has been designed for all ages!
Game Type: cards
Key Elements: recreational & bonding across ages
Status: available on Amazon.in

To know more visit the Oddreve page

Chor Police, is an absolutely fun and new game
based on the childhood game of chor police or kalla-police!
Game Type: 3-in-1 game; board + cards
Key Elements: fun & strategy
Status: successfully crowdfunded; available on Amazon.in

Coming soon, an ODD 'R EVE game based on Hand Football, again a popular children's game!
Game Type: cards
Key Elements: recreational & bonding across ages
Status: final prototype complete; ready for release

Coming soon, a fun way to play with words!
Game Type: board
Key Elements: spelling, vocabulary, educative & fun
Status: prototype stage

Coming soon a cool new concept hostel in Bangalore.

Watch this space for more updates from us...